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DAN Refresh

Post by RDBradish » Sat Jan 31, 2015 10:42 am

So, over the past year, DAN has gone through a lot of reorganization.

Some has been not so good. Dive Medic, For example, has moved all three courses away from practical toward a more theoretical training.

DEMP has become the key card now. While you can still take Neuro, HMLI (Hazardous Marine Life) and O2, the push has been toward DEMP, a two day practical study with scenarios at each development point and a couple of final scenarios at the end. BLS (Basic Life Support) with CPR (AHA) and AED for adults is included in DEMP.

The also have a new curriculum, DFAPro (Diver First Aid for Pro's) basically, comparable to DEMP but includes CPE for Health care Pros(children and Infant). This course is sometime referred to as DSO (Dive Safety Officer) because it meets the USCG CE BLS/CPR/AED requirements and the requirements for Professional training in Diver first Aid required by many Aquariums and first response organizations.

Definitely some positive changes and worth your while looking into once again!!!!

Check out the DAN website if you are interested. I also know Air Hogs and Blackbeards can offer both DEMP and DFAPro. Courses aren't cheap, as DAN doesn't offer pro discounts.
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