Liberty Ship on Aug 30

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Liberty Ship on Aug 30

Post by Steve_Campbell » Mon Aug 31, 2015 4:06 pm

Did two dives Sunday on the Liberty Ship (Alexander Ramsay) with regular buddy Al on the Aquatic Safaris II. Alexander Ramsay was sunk as part of a reef. Been down a long time and heavily covered with coral and sponges. Easy dive. 1:30 boat departure, so breakfast in Raleigh. 3 miles from inlet, two miles offshore of Wrightsville Beach. 50 ft of water. Dives limited only by desire to be considerate of others so we kept them to about an hour each. Waves started at 2 ft and dropped to almost flat by the end of the dive. Long period underlying swell. Parts of the wreck goes up 30 ft or so. Some parts are a debri field. Some surge in the higher parts from the swell. Viz varied from 6 to a bit over 12 ft depending where you were. Water temp about 80. First dive we explored around the mid section. On dive 2 we ran a line from my reel through the debri field and found the bow section. To me this was the best part of the dives. The top is missing but we were able to enter a very large room through a break in the wall. Inside there was very little surge and viz greatly improved. Floor had long straight like pathways in a rectangular grid. Low coral growing all around but not in pathways. Sides were like columns rising up where girders were still intact but some of the metal plates were gone. Kept finding myself remembering visits to palace gardens in southern Spain. Lots of fish life. I counted 24 species and Al saw a couple I missed. Some big cuda, couple butterfly fish, bar jacks, red goatfish, scrawled cowfish, to name just a few. Due to particulate and haze I did not take many pictures for pretty picture sake although I took a number for IDing fish later. Saw some of the red hard coral that I think is very pretty. A few photos follow. A pleasant day on the water. ... e=566B36D6 ... e=56782A56

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